BFA Thesis

Phantom’s Bazaar

Phantom’s Bazaar is an auction card game where players will sell and bid on celebrities' items — items that are valuable and useless. It is emphasizing how individuals’ “purposeful choices” are actually the product of chasing after meaningless values.  It’s designed for young adults who are susceptible to aimless scrolling, and technology-minded adults. As well as the card game, the project includes a website. The website provides more information about the project as well as a “What celebrity are you?” quiz which users will find their choices to be unrelated to the result. Phantom’s Bazaar is visually obnoxious to communicate to users the unrealistic perception presented online.

As the game is not available to buy, the website is an introduction to the project giving instructions to the game and contextualizes Phantom, an imaginary parent company created for the project. To develop the idea of the illusion of choice, the website includes a "What celebrity are you?" quiz for users to take. In reality, the quiz isn't about celebrities at all; it's about the weather. While it is accessible, the obnoxious aesthetic carries over to the website to communicate the importance of celebrities and their value to corporations (Phantom).

Instructor: E Roon Kang